Silicone Cleanroom Products

Silicone Cleanroom Products

For Silicone Cleanroom Products, we operate 3 separate ISO Class 7 Cleanrooms manufacturing under ISO 13485:2003 conditions, totalling approximately 20,000 square feet. All of our Cleanrooms offer completely controlled manufacturing environments with Hepa Filtration units controlling airborne particulate whilst Bioburden monitoring is carried out and documented on a weekly basis to ensure we achieve the required standards for our silicone tubing products.

Our Cleanrooms are dedicated to specific products to avoid any possible contamination risks between cross linking agents used in production. Due to the critical nature of our products, every possible contamination risk is removed from our processes, including the installation of two completely separate extrusion facilities for both Peroxide & Platinum Silicone products.

Platinum Addition Cured Products are manufactured within our dedicated Platinum Cleanroom using the latest state of the art equipment including computer controlled Post Cure Processes & in line loop control Laser measuring devices.

Peroxide Cured Products are again manufactured in a dedicated environment once again utilizing computer controlled Post Cure Processes & in line loop control Laser measuring devices just as in our Platinum facility.

Bio pharmaceutical Products & assemblies we manufacture a series of bespoke assemblies used in the bio pharmaceutical industry and can design and aid in the development of any system from concept to finished sterilized product. Silicone Altimex recently completed qualification of a brand new state of the art bio pharmaceutical assembly cleanroom facility. This unit is has a microprocessor controlled environment and is used purely for the manufacture of bio pharmaceutical assemblies and components.

We leave nothing to chance. By having dedicated facilities, machinery and processes, we completely eliminate any risks of cross contamination between the different curing systems.

Our platinum silicone tubing becomes ever more popular as more and more customers are demanding higher standards and are wanting more from the product in the properties it can offer

We also run a series of Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection moulding machines within the cleanroom area so that we can offer silicone mouldings produced in a Cleanroom environment.