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Founded in 1975 we are Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of Cleanroom Produced Silicone Tubing, components and assemblies. Through our commitment to Quality, Flexibility & Innovation, we bring value to our customers and their products.

Here you will find information about our company, our Silicone Tubing and our capability to deliver you not only a first class product, but a tailored solution in silicone tubing and other silicone products.

Due to the critical nature of our products, every possible contamination risk is removed from our processes, including the installation of two separate facilities. We believe in working closely with our customers; from initial concept to finished product. We have a series of stringent tests that qualify all incoming material to ensure that the material meets the demands of the design.


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Silicone Altimex Limited was established in 1976 to manufacture silicone rubber components for the UK’s domestic appliance market.

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