Silicone Moulding

Silicone Moulding

Silicone Altimex has over 30 years experience in producing Silicone Moulding components. We can offer customers the flexibility of manufacturing low volume single cavity prototype products, to high volume multi-cavity series products. We work extremely closely with our tool makers to ensure we achieve the optimum tooling solution for your requirement. Our Design & Development department utilises the latest CAD Technology and has the ability of being able to handle CAD files in any format including 3D.

LSR Injection Moulding – Liquid Silicone Rubber Moulding offers many advantages over traditional silicone moulding methods, especially when components are for critical applications. We have ISO Class 7 Cleanroom LSR Injection Moulding for critical components where the base polymer is delivered straight from sealed containers directly into the mould tool cavity, thus eliminating any atmospheric contamination.

HCR Injection Moulding - High Consistency Rubber Moulding can be a more cost effective method of producing components where a Cleanroom environment is not required.


HCR Compression Moulding – is an alternative Silicone Moulding method more suited for smaller quantities and where a joint is required between two components.

Tooling is one of the most important aspects of Silicone Moulding and dictates the quality and accuracy of the finished component. All our tooling is manufactured by tried and trusted tool makers who we have worked with and qualified over many years.