Why Choose Silicone Altimex?

Blue-chip medical and pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies come to Silicone Altimex for medical device components and pharmaceutical assemblies that meet exceptional quality standards. Part of the Q Holding portfolio, Silicone Altimex offers a full suite of products and capabilities to existing customers and new prospects.


  • Ultra-pure platinum addition silicone
  • Platinum pump tubing for high performance pump life
  • One-part platinum materials for improved processing repeatability
  • Tight tolerance pump tubing
  • High performance cardiopulmonary tubing
  • Bio-compatible materials meeting USP Class VI, European Pharmacopeia and ISO 10993 standards
  • Fully traceable product including batch printing directly onto the product where required


  • Six ISO 14644-1 Class 7 cleanroom facilities
  • Routine viable and nonviable monitoring of cleanrooms ensure optimum manufacturing environment
  • Laser loop control systems – continuously monitor dimensions and adjust machinery to maintain optimum tolerances
  • Complete traceability from raw materials to final packaged product
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment with non-contact laser controlled extrusion and inspection release
  • Dedicated platinum extrusion cleanroom ensures no contamination from peroxide by-products
  • High tolerance capability using continuous feedback loop control extrusion process
  • Extensive in-house materials testing and development capabilities


Silicone Altimex Limited was established in 1976 as a manufacturer of silicone tubing and other rubber components for several markets in the UK. Since that time, the company has extended its capabilities and evolved into a leading supplier to medical, pharmaceutical and high technology companies worldwide.

In 2015, Silicone Altimex was acquired by Q Holding Company, which is owned by 3i, a leading international investment manager focused on mid-market private equity, infrastructure and debt management across Europe, Asia and North America.

Silicone Altimex timeline:

  • 2015

    Silicone Altimex acquired by Q Holding Company

  • 2014

    New final operations room and pharma assembly cleanroom added

  • 2012

    Specialised Platinum grade ‘SA 900/60 Pump’, a major breakthrough in silicone pump tubing, launched

  • 2009

    New purpose built platinum cleanroom facility established at Pasture Road site

  • 2005

    Pharmaceutical assembly room established; higher gowning and procedural requirements instituted

    Installation of new braiding machine for reinforced pharmaceutical tubing

  • 1998

    First LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) moulding machine installed in the cleanroom facility to support the medical device market

  • 1997

    Second cleanroom installed to manufacture platinum-addition cured products, first for bio pharmaceutical customers and later for other safety-critical components for the aerospace and electronics industries

  • 1994

    Development work using platinum cured materials initiated

  • 1979

    First cleanroom installed to manufacture tubing and moulded components for the medical market; now also used as an assembly and test area for finished goods

  • 1976

    Silicone Altimex founded as a silicone tubing manufacturer for the United Kingdom’s domestic appliance market